When it comes to cancelling, you have options!

Option #1: Immediate Cancellation

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will cancel your membership - no questions asked!

Option #2: Pause Payments

Are you a student leaving for the summer? Or just going to be away for a while and won't be using the gym?

We allow members to easily pause payment collection. Just fill out the form below and in the "Reason for Cancellation" box write "Pause payments until [future date]".

You must include the date you want to automatically resume billing on your card in order to use this option.

Option #3: Work Exchange Program

We understand sometimes members experience financial hardships that are beyond their control. We strongly believe that physical health and fitness should not depend on a person's ability to pay. If you are experiencing unemployment, we allow members to skip 1 month's payment in exchange for 1 hour of supervised work (usually cleaning) at the gym.

If you need to take advantage of this option, please contact a gym manager to arrange the details.

As Always...

We are always trying to improve the gym. In the process of cancelling, if you choose to provide us any constructive feedback on how we can do better, we would be very grateful. We take all feedback received very seriously and appreciate it sincerely.

If you have issues cancelling, please call or contact us here.

Cancellation Form